View of Change - Photographing Dakar by Mimi Mollica


Growth comes hand in hand with change. For Dakar, this meant a great deal of construction in its bustling streets and communities. Photographer Mimi Mollica captured these scenes in a span of four months between 2007 and 2008. Mollica's view was that of a city teeming with life and progress. Unimpeded by massive projects and then ongoing changes, the citizens of Dakar went on with their trade and livelihood.

© Mimi Mollica

Mollica's photographs also pinned an important question -- how was this burgeoning commercial growth affecting Dakar's citizens? In a quickly changing environment, are the people going with it or are they being swept away by the drastic changes?

© Mimi Mollica

This series is also a case study on art and how to use it in documentary work. Mollica managed to put the ideas of change and culture side by side to contrast and complement one another. The different frames suggest his artful use of composition. Look closely and focus on his portraits ridden with intersecting lines, shadows, and color combinations. Mollica's work is a fusion of photojournalism and fine art photography. Basically, it is art with social commentary and it's absolutely engaging.

You can see more of Mimi Mollica's work on his website.

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    the shoes photo is the best and make lot of question in readers mind "WHAT HAPPEN?"

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