Recreating the Aesthetics of William Eggleston with the Lomography Color Negative 800


With the Lomography Color Negative 800, you can practice your color theory know-how and be like the revered American photographer and color pioneer William Eggleston
His signature is very distinguishable -- he sees the beauty in the normal, everyday things, capturing them without pretension. He takes photographs in a documentarian fashion, without the overbearing weight of urgency. His colors bring the mundane to life.

Both available in 35mm and 120, the Color Negative 800 is a versatile stock that will capture anything, everything of the heart's desire, be it low light or fast subjects.

Here are some Lomographs that revere the aesthetic of the master photographer.

Art in the mundane

Credits: fruchtzwerg_hh, lokified, kashmir2209, mafiosa & jrcolville

Stylish suburban

Credits: hellborsh, neja, lokified, mafiosa & r_i_b_u_l

American vernacular

Credits: herbert-4, roundmidnight, sushi_9009 & rudemuinho

Signs of the times

Credits: mafiosa, marcel2cv, pipedreamy, bccbarbosa & herbert-4

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