Lomographic Diaries: Life on the Pedal

Many times do we associate the bicycle as human freedom. Gas-free, electricity-free, bounded only by your soles -- riding the bicycle is considered liberating. You can take it anywhere and anytime you want, even cross hills and mountains, or show off your cycling skills with extreme sports.

Wake up, get up and pedal on. Enjoy the romanticism of the two-wheel bicycle in our curated gallery depicting daily life on the pedal -- analogue style.

Freewheeling travelers

Credits: life_on_mars, primula, alko, sebastianerras & wil6ka

Mandatory bicycle portraits

Credits: bkspicture, -a-l-b-e-r-t-o-, fruchtzwerg_hh, kleeblatt & -alia-


Credits: jeahh, yago56, erikagrendel & jazztrio2014

Risque play

Credits: libellule, alienmeatsack, crojasvives, fendyfazeli & aka_papu

2017-06-10 #culture #bicycle #sports-photography #analolgue-photography

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