Kate Hook: What's In Your Bag?


Revealing the contents of your bag is like revealing the deepest corners of your soul, one could argue. However, analogue photographer Kate Hook is more than glad to welcome us inside her all-around, Chuck Close-inspired tote bag.

© Kate Hook

Hi Kate! Welcome back to Lomography Magazine. Firstly, your bag with the Chuck Close quote is envious. Where did you buy the bag and what do you love about it as your daily carrier?

Thanks, it’s great to be back! I got my Chuck Close from the Chuck Close: Prints, Process, and Collaboration exhibition at the MCA in Sydney back in 2015. I love the quote, in full it’s:

It really resonates with me. Plus I have a knack for getting myself into trouble, which only I can really get myself out of.

© Kate Hook

You bring with you quite a lot of films -- why so?

There have been times I’ve run out of film during a photo session, which is heartbreaking! I’ll finish a film, look in my bag and find that I don’t have another roll. Terrible. Now I make sure I got a good bundle with me whenever I got out shooting- I don’t ever want to get caught out and miss a good photo op!

You also have the newly formulated LomoChrome Purple film! At what moment/when do you think you'll get to use it?

I got a bulk lot of the new LomoChrome Purple film, and my first roll is currently loaded up. Definitely going to be heading out on some nature adventures around the UK soon, so I want to get some freaky landscape and flower shots. And the beach! Currently, I’m looking to book a cheeky little summer holiday soon, so I’ll be sure to get some purple hazy sea shots too.

We also spot a Lomo cam right there. When do you usually use the LC-Wide?

All. The. Time. It’s always in my bag. It’s so little, light-weight, and sturdy, so it’s easy to throw it in and be on my way. I normally use it for double exposed architecture shots. Real good for the odd selfie too!

© Kate Hook

Among your beauty necessities, which among them you can't leave the house without?

Mascara, powder, and some lippy. Granted I’m terrible for failing to touch up my make-up. I carry some travel sized perfume with me too; at least I can smell nice if I don’t look nice! Also, I always carry floss and gum. I had braces up till last October, now I’m big on oral hygiene and keeping my smile looking lovely.

We also noticed you're a Studio Ghibli fan through your keychains -- tell us, what's your favorite Ghibli film?

My Neighbour Totoro of course! A close second is Kiki’s Delivery service. I feel like I’m a cross of Mei and Kiki. I also love Howl’s Moving Castle, also floating castles is a strong theme in my photography, which was inspired by that movie.

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