Fantasy and History with Nicolette Clara Iles and the Petzval 85

Nicolette Clara Iles is a UK based photographer. She shoots with film to create soft tones and subtle elements of distress, which give her photos an eerie and beautiful feel. Here's a peek into the images she shot with the Petzval 85 lens.

Hi Nicolette, tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm a primarily analogue photographer, based in London and from the 'Garden of England', Kent. I love all things magical and surreal, and aim to add that love into my work.

How did you get on shooting with the Petzval 85?

Quite well, I think! The Petzval 85 creates such lovely effects and is a nice weight in your hands so it's wonderful to use.

What did you choose to shoot?

I chose to shoot a story of a 'hedge witch' (a solitary practitioner of the herbal arts, a healer) wandering around her natural habitat to forage herbs, posing with her tools. It's a half-imaginary tale, with some rooted in truth, some in fantasy.

You shoot mostly using film, what is it you love about this medium?

I find a certain sense of rawness and truth within using film, even if what it's capturing is not that of raw truth. I liked the challenge it gave me at first, and now it's just second-nature to use for me.

What’s coming up in 2017?

I have some personal projects I'm working on, and am looking for the perfect muse for these. Also hoping to go to new locations to shoot within and explore. I'd quite like to plan a series of connecting images soon too, weaving the stories together. I'm excited to create more this year!

For more information about Nicolette's works visit her website

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