Keeping Mum on Masculinity

Barrel chests, burly arms, and chins made of granite -- there are many things that can be considered to call someone a ‘real man.’ But with the changing views of the world, is the concept and understanding of what a man should be like change too? This is what photographer Scarlett Coten confronted with her series Mectoub.

© Scarlett Coten

Mectoub revolves around the notions about gender and in this case, masculinity in its different and changing forms. Coten photographed different Arab men and shot them in a way that can be controversial and provocative for some. While they can be classified as portraits, they can’t be dismissed as just mere images. In fact, they tell a narrative that is often hushed and misunderstood by society up to this day.

© Scarlett Coten

Corten photographed her subjects in their natural state - liberated, fearless, and comfortable in their own skin and surroundings. They have given control of their selves to the photographer and that in turn sends a message out to the viewer.

Mectoub and Scarlett Corten are winners of the Leica Oskar Barnack Award in 2016.

You can see more of Scarlett's work on her website.

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