Introducing the New Star in the System: Naiad

Almost one month ago we announced the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System. An entirely novel system, it consists of one lens base, which you can complete with three different prime lenses: offering you three different focal lengths, as well as two aperture systems, six special aperture plates, a macro adapter — and it all fits in one small messenger bag!

The ambitious idea is to change the way you shoot, and offer you an ultra-portable system so you can travel through time, space and place with ease; opening up a galaxy of creative possibilities to you. After the hugely inspiring response we received from testers, the press, and backers all over this little blue planet, we decided to immediately stretch the Neptune System's potential further: and introduce a fourth front lens, with an additional, new focal length!

We asked our backers all around the globe to vote for what the focal length should be. Responses poured in, and the result by popular demand is 15mm: a rectilinear ultra-wide-angle prime lens! The next thing we knew, we were leaping into our space-rockets (okay, it was a plane), and flying over to our manufactory high in the Chinese mountains: to meet with our engineers, roll up our sleeves, and discuss what could be done to make this new step possible!

After weeks of wacky calculations, tireless testing, and a whole lot of our wild imagination, our engineers devised Naiad, with a new optical construction.

Naiad is no ordinary 15mm lens: it produces the strong, saturated colors and punchy contrast that define Lomography's signature look — adding a whole new aesthetic to the Neptune System.

Focal Length: 15mm
Front element group mounting mechanism: bayonet mount
Aperture: 3.8/15
Closest focusing distance: 0.1 – 0.15m
Illumination: >3-4 EV from center to edge (r=21mm)
Optic construction: 8 elements
Front elements size: < 75mm
Distortion: <1%
Filter Thread size: > 82mm
Multi coating: Yes

These photographs were taken with a 15mm lens which offers a similar optical outcome.

The new focal length also shows a true potential to continue developing additional front lenses for the Neptune System — offering other focal lengths, special effects which cannot be achieved with traditional zoom lenses on the market — and so much more. Naiad is available for 249$ as an add-on on Kickstarter, which is a huge saving on buying a completely new prime lens.

We vow to continue working closely with our engineers and backers to expand the Neptune System; meaning that unlike other modern tools, the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System will grow alongside your creativity; constantly driving you further.

This new front lens is now available as an Add-On, so back us on Kickstarter, add $249 to your pledge and save a massive 45% on the planned retail price! This adds to the many more Add-On pledges to choose from, so there's really something for everyone.

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Neptune Convertible Art Lens System

With the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System, you’ll be ready for anything. With three interchangeable front lenses with fixed focal lengths of 35mm, 50mm or 80mm, be prepared for any shooting situation with just one lens system.

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