First Impressions with the Neptune Convertible Art Lens: Francis Flower

Francis Flower is a photographer from Trentino, Italy. The gorgeous mountains where he grew up definitely influenced his photographic style: Francesco loves to capture his friends in places far from the city, preferring a connection with nature. His shots transmit a feeling of freedom and peace, a vision of reality somehow purer and more innocent.

Francesco was one of the first lucky ones to test Neptune Convertible Art Lens System, taking advantage of the lens for capturing a person particularly close to him, the main subject of his shots.

Name: Francesco Frizzera
Location: Rovereto
Instagram: @francescofrizzera
Camera: Canon 6D
Lens : Neptune Convertible Art Lens System

Which focal length have you used the most?

The 35mm lens, Thalassa, was by far my favorite, no doubt. But with the 80mm, Proteus, I found other ways to observe the surroundings and that really amazed me.

I love the fact that you have three interchangeable lenses available and it also makes me smile thinking that they have something in common with an old astronomy tool.

When did you achieve your best results with the lens?

I got amazing results when I was shooting in great lighting conditions, in which the light was strongly penetrating into the lens, almost like in silhouette. I was surprised by the kind of flare of the lens and by the brightness that each photo has. The settings I mostly used were 1/125 f 3.5, always by keeping the ISO low.

Which one is your favorite shot?

My favorite one is Cyan. We were walking along the river looking for some nice places to shoot. I stopped because I found the remains of a few bullets from a shotgun and some leather reins in a bush. I called Giulia to show her this horrific but fascinating discovery. She wasn't answering, so when I went back to look for her I found her on the top of a tree next to the river.

This made me smile, I love her also for her wild side. Almost by chance, I realized her jacket was of the same color of the water, so I decided to take a picture while she was coming down from the tree.

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