Trending Albums of May 2017


Most of us organize our photo albums according to events or places. Some prefer to classify their photographs according to film or technique, while others compile their best shots. Have a look at this month's most noteworthy albums and learn how to tell your stories through visual organization.

Scotland on film by aka_papu

#80 / random / spring by pinkbutterfly

Stockholm spring trip 2017 by antmark

F2/400 Film w/ LCA+ & Nikon FE2 in SF by koduckgirl

Wonderful Summertime by yago56

Wow Florence by ilcontrariodime

Mexico city 2017 by mlchaelbexley

Georgia -3- /old Tbilisi/ LcA+Ilford by why-yu

Pierrot by rewd

Wild Beauty by fruchtzwerg_hh

From everyone here in Lomography, congratulations to these lomographers for having the trending albums of May 2017!

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