Analog Series: Discovering the Passion for Film

Why do you shoot film? It's a simple question that we hear often, especially in this day and age. A YouTube series aptly called Analog follows five photographers to discover their answers.

One of the photographers, Juan Martinez, started a meet-up group called Beers and Cameras, as a way to bond his community's love of film photography and craft beer. He started with digital cameras. "I find that I learn something new with every roll that I take; every time I get the roll back from the developer, I feel more encouraged to keep shooting because I see my progress."

Anastasia Petukhova, who creates special merchandise related to film photography, admits to using film to improve her digital photography as well. "I'm going to do what I can to inspire other photographers (to shoot film and digital), to mix the two arts, to do the best with both and not to choose one over the other, but to pick what it is you want to do."

Currently, the channel has five videos and hasn't updated in a while, but it's still worth a look. Here's one:

Preview and featured images were taken from the video.

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