Traveling and Flying with Film: Tipsters


Summertime will dawn us soon and we analogue photographers have already prepared for our next trip and journey across the world. More often than not, film photographers and travelers alike overlook some protocols from airport security. Well, those checks can surely go faster if you know what to do.

Photographer and YouTube vlogger Aidan Moneyhon shares his own tipsters based from his personal experiences on bringing along his analogue gears and films whenever he was about to board the plane.

Preview image was taken from the video.

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  1. srcardoso
    srcardoso ·

    Mmmm... I was concerned about that the very first time I travelled by plane with film. But no consequences were ever - at least visible - on the scans. So I don't really bother with that.
    Also, you may imagine that new film that travels from the original factory to the destination stores on the over part of the planet will be submitted to more x-rays (I guess).

  2. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Well, I travel by plane a lot and always with film and never experienced any damage on my films. I prefer to have them with me and the carry-on bagage, but when I bring a big quantity of film it's sometimes in my checked bagage and I didn't see any difference.... perhaps I'm just lucky?

  3. sk202399
    sk202399 ·

    Unfortunately, I have had film below 800 damaged. One was 35 mm and two were 110. It was not major, but there was a little fogging. This was one way in a carryon. Most times I know someone who is driving, so I now pack my film in a small insulated lunch bag and send it with them. The only issue there is that they tend to forget and not take the bag out of the hot car, hence the insulated bag is now packed into a cool corner of the trunk against the back seat. If you know you can buy on location, I strongly suggest doing so, and using a mail in service for processing.

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