The LC-A+ Masters


Communication through images is a beautiful thing. Imagine being able to connect with other people in different parts of the world with the use of a single film photograph. That is the power of images, and the LC-A has been the bridge of many people to new experiences and friends. Like with many art forms, there are also masters who have perfected their craft and talents with the LC-A.

Credits: qrro

These are influential people in our community who also aim to inspire others through their artful use of the camera.


Credits: hodachrome

This is a photographer who almost needs no introduction. If you're a Lomographer then you probably know who hodachrome is. He makes wonderful multiple exposure photographs among many things and is truly an enthusiastic member of our community. His attention to detail and creative techniques are indeed worthy of praise.


Credits: ccwu

Community member ccwu is a master when it comes to bringing attention to his subjects. Not only does he frame his photographs well, he also introduces a creative play on colors that brings out the best in his images. From subdued hues to bold colors, he surely knows his way around the color spectrum.


Credits: grazie

You can feel relaxed just by looking at grazie's Lomographs. Her images have that cool and composed feel to them that makes them all the more inviting. Although they look easily doable, we're sure that a lot of practice and passion was poured into them. But we can't blame you for doing that, grazie just makes it all look too easy.


Credits: fruchtzwerg_hh

Composition can make or break your photographs and fruchtzwerg_hh knows this all too well. He frames his photographs and incorporates different elements into his shots to get the best possible outcome. Just take a look at these photos for example. It's a case study on perspective, color, angle, and technique. Cheers to you, fruchtzwerg_hh!


Credits: fotobes

Now, fotobes' photos are like mind-blowing surreal pieces. They play tricks on your mind with all the visual elements involved. This is a perfect example of how technique can further improve your images. It's easy to dismiss these photos as 'happy accidents' but we can definitely say that these were masterfully done -- from color, texture, and vibrancy to angle, framing, and content. Everything is spot-on.


Credits: dakadev_pui

Another creative community member who doesn't stop at churning out 'just okay' photos, dakadev_pui is well-loved in our community. Aside from being laid back and easy to connect with, he also gives us wonderful images that can serve as inspirations for future projects. These photos alone can attest to his skill and creative vision.


Credits: japsix

We love color and saturation here in the community and japsix is more than adept at transforming normal scenes into extraordinary ones. It looks like summer is always just around the corner with her photographs! If you're looking for a way to make your slide films count, then a visit to her LomoHome will rightly do the trick.


Credits: tracyvmoore

Experimenting with camera, film, and accessory combinations? Fellow Lomographer tracyvmoore has you covered. His LomoHome is full of creative ways to keep your film adventures fun and exciting. From fisheye shots to light painting art, he almost always has some creative film trick up his sleeves.


Credits: sobetion

Does the name sobetion ring a bell? Well, it should. He's only one of our best Lomographers in the community! He's shared his techniques, fantastic photographs, and film lessons all over our community pages. And for that, he deserves a spot on our list.


Credits: superlighter

Now, the list wouldn't be complete without the sage advice of superlighter. He makes gatherings look every bit enticing with the colors and effects he uses to capture them with. Not only that, he mixes things up with cool and quirky techniques with clean and crisp shots as a way to keep the balance. A master of both disciplines, we welcome superlighter to our LC-A Master Class with open arms!

Have you submitted your shots yet? Help us create a global photography exhibition by sending us your top shots of your favorite places and signing up to construct your very own LomoWall. Keep an eye on the official 25 Years of Lomography site and make sure you’re following us on social media, too. From parties to exhibitions to giveaways and more, there are tons of festivities still to come!

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  1. zhenyaetoya
  2. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    what can I say? The day I turned myself into this kind of film superhero I never imagined that the road was so long and full of satisfaction as at this time. Thank you very much for the beautiful words and it's amazing to read that I'm an inspiration for someone out there. Thank you!

  3. stouf
    stouf ·


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  6. sobetion
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  7. lomografin
    lomografin ·

    Great shots from everyone- my only irk is that not all these shots featured were shot on the LCA+- which atests to some duplicity in the editing of this article (but of no fault by the photographers!!)

  8. mapix
    mapix ·

    wonderful selection!!!

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