Andres Serrano: The Triggering Portrait Photographer

American photographer and artist Andres Serrano knows how to control public reaction. His provocative and fascinating photographic work continue to raise curious and dubious brows, with critics here and there debate his photographic prowess.

Known for his use of feces, bodily fluids as well as corpses, Serrano likes to draw the eyes to issues that matter -- contemporary reality. For him, the human condition is often overlooked with the fancies of art.

Andres Serrano, Nicolas and Romeo and Dany (Denizens of Brussels), 2015; Andres Serrano, Naghfurmimoum, (Denizens of Brussels), 2015; Andres Serrano, Omari (Denizens of Brussels), 2015

His aesthetics echo paintings and photographs alike from Old Masters, but fashioned in a way they are recent. His eyes follow people from the gutter to the stars, moving and unsettling the comfortable and pampered.

Catch his show Revealing Reality: Andres Serrano at the Huis Marseille, Amsterdam on June 10.

Andres Serrano, Johnny (Nomads), 1990, 4/4 (edition of 4 + 2 AP). Huis Marseille Collection; Andres Serrano, Ludovic Keldermans and Jan Ratynski (Denizens of Brussels), 2015; Andres Serrano; Steve-o & "Genocyde", (Residents of New York), 2014; Andres Serrano, Sister Irina. Alexander, Nevsky Church, Jerusalem (Jerusalem), 2014, 1/3 (edition of 3 + 2 AP), Courtesy Galerie Nathalie, Obadia Paris/Bruxelles

The show will run through September 3.

Images are from the press kit.

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