Through Ichthyes Eyes with the Fisheye No. 2

Explore the world like you've never seen it before. With a sea creature's eyes, everything becomes anew. Enter Lomography's Fisheye No. 2, your supplement to creative and experimental photography.

The Fisheye No. 2 improves fisheye photography as creative freedom is extended through flash, long-exposure and multi-exposure techniques.

Here are some of the Fisheye No. 2's highlighted Lomographs from the community.

Eye of Pisces

Credits: kylethefrench, hewzay, geltona, peropero & dkformsma

The portrait

Credits: atria007, life_on_mars, spendospend, stijn_b & itisanormalname

Distorted worlds

Credits: hervinsyah, coca, tomhusa & jeansman

Spherical scenery

Credits: hervinsyah, coca, ihave2pillows, erinwoodgatesphotography & maneke

2017-06-04 #gear #tutorials #fisheye-no-2 #creative-photography #fisheye-photography

Mentioned Product

Lomography Fisheye No. 2

Lomography Fisheye No. 2

See the world through 170⁰ of fabulous Fisheye distortion. Our Fisheye cameras use regular 35mm film. A built-in flash can be switched on so you could have more coverage in underwater depths or even at late night parties.

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