Analogue Scenes from the Café

Ahh, the café. A communal public space where wandering eyes and minds drift away into la la land. Whether you're alone or in someone else's company, the coffee shop seems to have this distinct way to make you think of the most romantic ideas and far-fetched thoughts.

Here are some of the snapshots of one's stay in the coffee shop in the Lomographic tradition.


Credits: eskodisk, gliderrider & neja

Ambient interiors

Credits: eskodisk, lola_juanlu, ian_pian, hivebyaka & neja

'Mug' shots

Credits: andreasehrenreich, nina_ska, dreamseller, vikkki & dearjme


Credits: pmonroe, adamo-75 & neja

2017-06-03 #places #cafe #indoor-photography #creative-photography

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