The Eclectic Portraiture of Cielo Yu


We get an intimate profile of Taiwanese photographer Cielo Yu as he captures people in the most unlikely and unique compositions he can come up with.

© Cielo Yu

At first glance, Cielo's photography reminisces of Hiroshi Sugimoto -- poetic, effervescent, fleeting, surreal. However, the difference of Yu's young oeuvre is his knack for careful composition. His simplicity and mood are easy for the eyes, and this is neutralized by his models going for peculiar poses on purpose.

© Cielo Yu

Of course, each image is also carefully planned; he prefers to make the most out of the available surroundings in Taiwan, even with the lack of natural surroundings. He compensates this with impeccable visualization beforehand.

Cielo derives his ideas on almost everything -- from poetry, novels, film, and music; but nothing else inspires and motivates him for his photography with artists who have influenced him -- Hiroshi Sugimoto, Thomas Ruff, Vincent Fournier, Viviane Sassen and Yoshiyuki Okuyama.

© Cielo Yu

Watch out for our exclusive interview with Cielo soon. In the meantime, visit his Instagram and IFacebook for more of his works.

written by Ciel Hernandez on 2017-06-04 #people #portraiture #portrait-photography #cielo-yu

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