Once in a Lifetime Chance: Mara Palena's Trip to the Floating Piers

The Floating Piers was a work of art -- done by Christo and Jean-Claude. The 70,000-square meter of fabric carried by a dock system was installed in Lake Iseo, Italy. Since its installation on June 18, 2016, it has become a unique destination among tourists -- foreign and local alike.

However, the installation was not meant to exist forever.

As the dismantling of the one-of-a-kind site-specific installation The Floating Piers take place, we revisit its success and open days with the documentary photographs of Mara Palena.

Pylot Magazine, The Floating Piers, 2016 © Mara Palena

The history of the Piers is a rather lengthy one; the gist is the installation was conceived since the 1970's, originally it would take place in Rio de la Plata between Argentina and Uruguay, or even Tokyo Bay. By late 2013, Christo decided to build the installation on Lake Iseo. About 22 months and an estimate of $11-17 million were spent. It was his first project since the death of his partner Jean-Claude in 2009.

Pylot Magazine, The Floating Piers, 2016 © Mara Palena

Mara went to the installation in July 2016. With the eye of a documentarian, she took photographs of tourists and visitors in the Piers, emphasizing the reactions and behaviors of the people. Her observant approach towards the public space -- specifically in a rare location such as the Piers, showed the true emotions and intentions of visiting people.

Pylot Magazine, The Floating Piers, 2016 © Mara Palena

Await our exclusive interview with Mara soon. In the meantime, visit her works through Instagram and her website. Images are with permission from Mara Palena.

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