Roberta Tocco: Painting with the Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens

Roberta Tocco takes us through her dream-like and romantic life stories, told with her distinctively elegant and pure style. Her sensitive artistic talent captures the delicacy of movements with extreme empathy and intimacy, making us forget about the distance there is at that specific moment.

Today we present two of her photo series realized with the Daguerreotype Achromat art lens, as well as a video and a few reflections by Roberta.

"When I started to feel more aware of the photographic medium I tried to do what I always dreamed of: making my ideas alive.

One of my inspirations is painting, especially symbolism, from where I learned that the artist, the painter, the poet not only describe reality but transmit vague impressions, they suggest emotions and understand the inner essence of things.

I think it exists a strong connection between photography, painting, and poetry. My wish is that the viewer would feel transported to another world: dreamy and angelic.

For both series, I shot with natural light and quite open apertures in order to make the atmosphere cocoon-like.

If they look like paintings it's thanks to theDaguerreotype Achromat art lens and also because of the general mood: the model, the light, and the clothing have been carefully chosen to create this atmosphere.

For the second series, the location played a big role: I used the natural light, which was coming through the window, the curtains were of a light dusty pink color, so in the images, we can see a dominance of the color combination pink-orange. For some of the photos, I then used the light from the lamps to make the environment warmer and more intimate.

There are some images that represent me more, these are the ones I feel closer to:

The first series is called Doll and this is the picture I prefer: it has something that brings me back to childhood. Maybe it's the fact that she looks like a little girl and a doll as well.

And for the second series, I truly like this photo because of the composition and for the delicate and harmonious colors. It narrates something but also it leaves freedom of imagination."


Photographer: Roberta Tocco
Model: Angela Schillirò
Video: Samir Kharrat
Makeup: Cristina Nicotra
Camera: Nikon d800
Lens: Daguerreotype Achromat

To follow Roberta visit her team's Facebook page and her Instagram profile.

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