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The LC-Wide has made eyes glimmer and hearts skip a beat since it was released in 2011. This wide-eyed, ultra creative compact camera combines the versatility of having multi-format cameras and a crisp wide-angle lens in a neat package.

Six years and counting, the LC-Wide’s run in the Lomography Camera family may still be short compared to others but the photographs taken with it are no slouches. We collected a few of the most popular photographs taken with the LC-Wide to give you an idea of exactly what we mean.

Shake Up the Color Spectrum

Slide a color or slide film into the LC-Wide and you’re good to go. Quick, simple, efficient. That’s how these photographs can make it look like. Study the way they use color to bring out the beauty in each shot. This is what the LC-Wide is all about and these are the masters who make us want to see more from this absolutely amazing little plastic camera.

Credits: jennson

Community member jennson surely made waves in our photo section with this fascinating underwater shot. He paired the LC-Wide with the Krab underwater housing and took home an unforgettable shot. The colors are just amazing. From the way the light hits the seabed to the marine life, his photo is definitely hard to beat.

Credits: adzfar

adzfar took this eye-popping slide photo in Selangor, Malaysia but it's still making hearts flutter all over the world. The framing is perfect and the wide-angle feature of the camera really comes into focus. Not to mention those regal purple colors that give the shot a truly mesmerizing effect.

Credits: fafascinado

This may not be over-the-top when it comes to color but we just love the way it brings focus to the center. And guess what? It uses that bright red color to do just that. Community member fafascinado took this spot-on photograph and showed us how color can be used to correctly bring attention to an image.

Credits: anarchy

If a picture paints a thousand words this one from anarchy is probably worth a novel. Colors are bursting from everywhere and that multiple exposure adds an extra twist to its whole playful vibe.

Credits: drame

This one from drame had us looking up to the sky. We don't know if it's the soothing powder blue sky and fluffy clouds all over or the cute little chihuahua that won us over!

Credits: dakadev_pui

A staple in the Lomography Master Class series, dakadev_pui once again dropped jaws and opened eyes wide. He did a really nice work using the LC-Wide's multiple exposure button to his advantage and took home this majestic blue scene. Great job!

Credits: vgzalez

Our hats are off to vzgalez for this wonderful shot! Side by side with contrasting colors and orientation earned this photo almost 400 likes from our fellow community members. We couldn't blame them. It's a nice play on colors and perspective after all.

Credits: pzzzenguin

Sometimes, keeping it simple is all you need. pzzzenguin captured a sunny photograph that can rival the bright colors of the sun. It kind of makes you want to go jump into the refreshing sea behind it doesn't it?

Credits: anafaro

Wide and filled with sun-kissed colors, that's one of the many ways we like our photographs here in the community! Congratulations anafaro for capturing such a sweet and sunny memory using the LC-Wide!

Credits: bujidubabi

It looks like a painting, doesn't it? We can't blame you if you thought this was made by a famous artist! Props to bujidubabi for doing a marvelous job at combining colors to make an unforgettable shot. We're sure that this snap is a big hit among our fellow Lomographers!

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  1. vgzalez
    vgzalez ·

    @lomographymagazine Hi, thanks for featuring my pic! Undeniably one of my most successful pics in Lomography ever! :)

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