The Lomography Color Tiger 200 for Handy Analogue Photography

Pack your Fisheye and Diana Baby cameras ready for your next trip and shoot in analogue photography fuss-free as you pair it with Lomography's Color Tiger 200 (110).

Like a ferocious tiger, this film stock is blessed with sharp sight, stylish color palettes and excellent grains. With a light sensitivity of 200, anything can be captured under different light conditions -- whether natural light, flash, or night. We hiighly recommend the Color Tiger for wandering analogue shooters who are also light packers. Here are some photographs from the community as your samples.

Mini color booster

Credits: bebopbebop, kibs, clickiemcpete, biciclettaverde & kashmir2209

Sharp frames

Credits: grazie, sobetion & kibs

Low-light aesthetic

Credits: bebopbebop, mary-eloise, escudero, theblues & kashmir2209


Credits: devildi, clickiemcpete, crismiranda, mireiawonka & bebopbebop

2017-05-28 #gear #color-photography #110-film #lomography-color-tiger-200

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