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If only a camera could speak, we’re pretty sure that the Diana has a lot of stories to tell. The humble plastic camera that was loved by millions all over the world would have gone into birthday celebrations, class parties, weddings, or whatever gathering to document the fun. It could have been used to bring vision to life using medium format film -- counting down all the ways it was used would be near impossible.

Credits: jennson

And atop the pile of thousands of photos taken with the Diana, there’s a handful of great images that are almost impossible to forget. These pictures were taken using a plastic camera with a plastic lens by masters who know their way around the medium format classic. We’re proud to present to you some of the most popular photos taken by our community members with the Diana camera.

The Diana Master Class

Credits: satomi

Probably the most popular Diana photo in the community, this shot by satomi embodies the Diana spirit -- experimental, exciting, and spontaneous. The multi-colored mask adds a different dimension to the photograph while the characteristic vignette and soft focus completes cycle.

Credits: phiphu

phiphu plays on perspective to give us this festive shot. Add the fisheye effect and the rich colors and voila, pure analogue beauty. This photograph sets the mood and showcases the Diana's exciting and equally surprising range of effects.

Credits: susielomovitz

Ever wondered what a perfectly executed long exposure shot looks like? Look no further, Lomography guru and long-time photography enthusiast susielomovitz took this photo to teach us a lesson or two. No fancy equipment needed, just a tripod (or incredibly steady hands), good perspective, and the right exposure time will do the trick.

Credits: satomi

Truly one of the masters in shooting with the Diana, community member satomi once again astonishes with a portrait that's worthy of an editorial piece. This black and white shot can challenge other photographs shot with a more modern set up.

Credits: megs79

Eyes to the sky! This shot by megs79 marries the unique effects of multiple exposure and light flares to create a beautiful harmony of color and effects. Find your subject and stick to your vision and you might just bag a photograph like this on your next shoot.

Credits: ali55

If there's one thing this photo teaches us is that you should never be afraid to take on different angles. Lomographer ali55 used perspective to her advantage so well with this photo that we just had to put it in this list. Try out other angles and frames to bring out the creative side in you.

Credits: ghidini

ghidini must have felt he was on top of the world when this shot was taken. The view is just breathtaking, not to mention the photograph that brings out the Diana's plastic charm to life. That lens flare shot is just gorgeous.

Credits: susielomovitz

Again, susielomovitz serves as an inspiration to all of us with this majestic double exposure. Combining architecture and nature into one frame, she makes sure her image turns heads and fuels creativity. Practice makes perfect although with this shot, she makes it look like a breeze.

Credits: daitita

Sometimes, the best view is the one that's closest to you. daitita took Robert Capa's words to heart by coming real close to her subject -- and in this case, it's indeed a close-up.

Credits: paperplanepilot

The world is simply beautiful and by just sitting back and enjoying the view can make you appreciate it deeply. Lomographer paperplanepilot captured this breathtaking scene that looks like a painter's palette. Magenta with hints of pink and purple overwhelm the senses and secures this photo a spot on the list.

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    daitita is one of my fave lomohome. she always has the out of box idea of shot

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  3. cabreb
    cabreb ·

    You make me want to buy a Diana! But I've already too many cameras and I still need to master my Holgas...

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