Motion Studies with Lomography's Oktomat

Let yourself dream for a while and become the filmmaker you always wanted to be with the Lomography Oktomat. This unique camera lets you get experimental with your own ideas of motion and action photography. This was how historical filmmakers nailed cinema. Explore the world of physics through stop-motion photography like the great moving image pioneer Eadward Muybridge. No need to worry about apertures and shutter speed, they're fixed at f8 and 1/100, just pair it with your favorite 35mm and you're good to go.

The micro-masterpiece is yours to fulfill.

Stop motion photography

Credits: daitita, garageglam, i_am_four-eyes, blackbyrd & naiseta

Animal locomotion

Credits: amsiglela_yallehei, bluesoullush, shalinis & -andreina-

Moving portraits

Credits: djramsay, i_am_four-eyes, peladinho & deaner

Animated frames

Credits: amsiglela_yallehei, blackbyrd, kekskonstrukt & jeansman

2017-05-21 #gear #oktomat #motion #action-photography

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Lomography Oktomat

Lomography Oktomat

Experiment with 8 sequential shots in one 35mm print with the Oktomat !

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