Picturesque Skylines by Lomographers

When you're in the city, there's very little opportunity to appreciate the hustle and bustle of the urban life. These breathtaking skylines taken through analogue photography will make you think twice about the urban jungle.

The city blues

Credits: suizidekid, sandravo, alloftheabove & susielomovitz

Multi-toned and gradient skies

Credits: ponzi, maeusedisko, peropero, blueskyandhardrock & retro-girl

Monochromatic realities

Credits: cc-in-paris, poepel & gepo1303

Nocturnal cityscapes

Credits: sandravo, b0rn2b1ush, wil6ka, annelie & vikkki

2017-05-20 #culture #skyline #landscape-photography #city-photography

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