The Lomo’Instant Automat Glass on Vacay with 007-0815-STYLER


LomoAmigo 007-0815-STYLER is not a stranger anymore. Still, we don't get enough of him. This time, life was bringing him to the USA. And in his luggage there's the Lomo'Instant Automat Glass! Take a lot at the interview to get an insight to his trip to the USA and what he has to tell us.

We're back. Let's start! Will you ever have enough of Lomography?


How was it like to shoot in the USA? Was it your first time?

The firzzzzt time this month, yes. I wazzzz there at the beginning of the year, last year in autumn, 2 timezzz in summer and one or two timezzz in spring. Actually, I'm alwayzzz there. I like to be in the States. No matter where you are, there's sunshine the whole year, what is really great for photography.

Every photographer has a story to tell - what is yours?

I often talk with people that are not from the industry about my work. When I do that, I keep on having a feeling, that my shotzzz have a story to tell. Especially in the fashion area, in which I'm working. It sounds like there is a lot of glamour, beautiful people, nizzeee locationzzz and exciting times. Most of them don't recognize that there's a lot of work behind it. Nevertheless, I love my work, I love photography and I do not want to change anything. Is that a story? Nope, sh#t.

If you have to choose an American film that has influenced your work, what would it be?

On this question, many people would like to answer with a film, which runs on Arte. But that'zz nothing for me, I'm more a blockbuster kid. I watch movies with a deep mind just once in life. I actually don't know if movies ever had any influence on me, but I can say that I'm a big fan of Star Wars. Well, if you watch the movies and see all the masks and costumes, some might come up with the idea, that Star Wars has shaped me.

What's the best part of being a photographer?

I love the freedom you get, not only for me azz "Styler", but also the freedom in my work. Besides that, I also love to travel. I already got to see a lot through my job. You travel to nizzzze places and work together with interessting people from all over the world. You see a lot and also learn a lot. I don't just love it, I also appreciate it a lot. I can recommend to look outside of the window and get to know new thingzzz. I believe that mankind would be more peaceful with each other if they would take off their mask made out of fear, envy, greed and above all, ignorance. When something is not strange to you anymore, it's going to be part of your life. But, back to the actual question: everything!¡

What is the most unusual item in your camera bag?

I have 2 items in my camera bag that many would consider unusual, but it's not for me. Firzzzt the Skeletor mask, which is not unusual to me anymore. But let's just say it like this: they wouldn't be a camera bag with extra space for a mask. Second, I always got a Tampon in my camera bag. It might seem weird for some. But if you're shooting, in the middle of nowhere in the desert, and the model starts to get abdominal pain and of course, none of the girls on set have their toiletries bag with them, because they left it in the Hotel. It can really save your shooting day, if you have a tampon with you.

What was the biggest change you experienced in your career?

I somehow have the feeling, that there's constantly some change and actually it izzz like that.

You have already tested many Lomo cameras, including out Lomo'Instant Automat Glass. Did you notice any difference between the LIA and the LIAG?

I don't think that there'zz any lomo camera that I didn't use. You could say that my inventory list is like your shop list, if there's not one or two more Lomoz in my shelf, which you don't sell anymore. Aahhh I shouldn't lay it on so thick! I'm thinking about how I could answer that question without overdoing it, but there'zz nothing else in my mind.

I tested the LIA and the LIAG in the last few months, thanks to you. I must say, I heavily fell in love again. The LIA izz really awesome, especially the double exposure. It's something new in the instant area. Last month, I took the LIAG to the USA and the quality of the glass lens izzz super. You already know that Instax mini films don't have the highest of feelings in the quality range. Thanks to the glass lens, the pictures get even more sharpness and a beautiful brilliance.

Do you have a certain photographic technique or a recipe to achieve beautiful shots with the LIAG?

I'm not really an engineering guru. The subject is important to me, and of course that photographer behind the camera and what he wants to capture. When it comes to the LIAG, I recognized that you use it quite different than most of the other Lomo Camzzz. I'm more concentrated while using the LIAG and keep looking through the viewfinder more than once. Maybe also because Instant Film is not that cheap. I recognized that I keep looking through the viewfinder, which I didn't do while using an LC-A or Colorsplash. I pay more attention to the framing and check all the settings of the camera. I would recommend this to everyone, because not everything that's not clear or has the wrong exposure, is art. Sometimes there are photos that are just shit.

The automation of the craft has killed the art. Digital photos are increasingly manipulated. What's your opinion on that?

I've heard that before, especially in art and photography, but the thing is, what you are making out of it. You should know it best - some years ago the instant photography was almost dead. It wasn't really there anymore and now it's like everywhere, also in Art. The art is untouchable to me, but also this has it's time, what's actually quite good to me.

On the other hand, we have to hang some of the oil paintings in the apartment and you don't really like that either.

Styler / Prophet & Photographer :-)

Not enough? See more of his pictures in his LomoHome, on his website or on his blog.

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