The Beautiful Boy as Captured by Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert

Rarely we get to see the rawness of the biologically male figure. The camera now shifts its biased lens from women to put the man under a gaze as German portraitist Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert captures the different shades and looks of a modern male.

© Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert

In Ancient Greece, there was once the idea of beauty that may have long been forgotten. To the Greeks, the 'beautiful boy' is quite different from the contemporary ideal of a man. The beautiful boy is almost akin to effeminate -- broad shoulder, large chest, muscles, a wasp's waist, protruding buttocks, big thighs, long calves, tiny ankles.

However, the photography of Joseph blurs all idealism (past and present), as he portrays the natural and realistic beauty of men.

For Ohlert, the male form is treated without preconceived ideas. Men donning effeminate makeup and outfits pose as they embrace vulnerability and strength at the same time. His portraits are quite refreshing to gander at, for it is indeed rare to see a man unmasking his grit and power.

© Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert

Await our exclusive interview with Joseph soon. In the meantime, visit his website, Instagram, and Facebook for more of his works. Images are with permission from Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert.

written by Ciel Hernandez on 2017-05-20 #people #portraiture #joseph-wolfgang-ohlert #male-portraiture

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