Luca Font: Double Exposures of Bodies, Shapes, and Colors (NSFW)

Luca Font is a visual artist with a strong recognizable style: it is impossible to forget his works once you see them. Primary colors, defined lines, and geometries are blended together in the realization of interesting works, which remind us of cubism and futuristic art.

We sent Luca a Sardina DIY so he could personalize it and realize some shots. Let's see what he came up with and get to know him better in this interview.

Could you tell us about you, your background and your work?

I grew up with video games, skateboarding, and graffiti - and as if this wasn't enough to conduct a life far from normal, I started to tattoo full-time nine years ago. I travel a lot and I rarely get bored because I always have something new to do.

You have a particularly recognizable visual style. How was it born and how did it evolve?

I have always had a weakness for graphic design and typography more than figurative art. I find visual synthesis and abstraction much more seductive compared to a simple description of reality, and I try to make sure I follow this concept for my works.

What is the artistic process behind the creation of your works? What is your biggest source of inspiration?

I try to illustrate what I am experiencing, so I often let the environment suggest an idea, an image or a direction to follow, then the process of mental associations does the rest. Sometimes, the ending point is quite far from the starting one, which makes sitting in front of a blank page even more interesting.

On which subjects are you focusing at the moment?

With time I realized the ideas of contemporaneity and art as narrative processes, other than just aesthetic, are fundamental for me: if you want to establish a relation with the viewer, any work should behave as a photograph, which fixes a moment to transmit the sensations of who shot. This realization made me concentrate more and more on my direct experiences and my cultural background because I think this is the only way to tell a story in a sincere and interesting way.

What is your relationship with the clients?

I often have to start from an idea or a concept more than a defined subject, so an essential aspect of my work is listening to my clients while trying to read between lines looking for the right interpretation.

Tell us about your relation with photography, specifically with analog photography.

I grow up with SLRs so I always had familiarity with photography. I am fascinated by the idea of using it for producing a tangible object. Even if for pure fun, I kept taking pictures in analog also after digital photography, which I often use for work, took hold. I own dozens of cameras for almost all formats, without counting all the boxes full of negatives, proofs, and prints.

What does Lomography represent for you?

An anarchic reaction to the idea that a picture deserves to be called like that only if taken with expensive gear by a professional photographer with three assistants. Technique does not necessary means expressiveness!

Tell us about your personalized version of the Sardina DIY. From where did you take inspiration?

This year we celebrate the centennial of the Russian Revolution, so it seemed appropriate to personalize it following a suprematist approach based on essential geometric shapes and prime colors. Its rigid shapes were also perfect for it.

Tell us about these shots

The idea was to narrate the contemporary eroticism through an abstraction based on the overlap of a female figure, geometric shapes, and colors. La Sardina, whose main characteristic is the ability of easily manage multiple exposures, allowed me to shoot twice or thrice on each frame using different elements and poses. Emilia, the model, perfectly represents the upturning of female stereotypes based on a pinup aesthetic, moving more towards a stronger and more natural approach, which lightly touch androgyny without losing sensuality because of this.

What is your favorite shot?

Actually, it was difficult to select the shots because I almost liked them all, which when you speak about analog photography is a great result!

Thanks so much to Luca for the beautiful version of the La Sardina he customized and for sharing his images with us. Have a look at all his extraordinary works on his website and Instagram.

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