Half Frame Gold!


This little nugget is definitely worth its weight in gold! GET ONE!!

It all began with a harmless trip to the letterbox, where along with the usual pile of junk mail and bills, was a New Zealand design-focussed magazine…trotting back inside to the trusty beanbag to blob in front of the telly had me flicking through the pages until almost like a visual epiphany, an image caught my eye. its smooth lines, crisp coloured shell and large pipry lens had me sold – I had to know more!

I read through the photogrpaher’s speil of their chosen ‘cool & chic’ items arranged on a studio backdrop and continued to read down the paragraph until I read ‘Lomogrpahy Fisheye II’

‘Sounds Cool’ I thought, as I’d been looking for a fisheye camera for surf/water shots for a while now. So with this new product in mind, i turned to where everyone of my generation does when in need of more information – GOOGLE! The search results read as some new and foreign language to me – Lomography – expired film – vignette – Diana – Holga etc etc! What the hell it google on about!

Further clicking ensued and I wound up on the lomography.com homepage, clicking on further to find the magazine section and camera database page. Fisheye II was soon searched here too, and the results instantly pleased my irises!

Thus began a passion! (you could call it an obsession too…)

Talking to my dad about his old camera collection (comments though the years had be thinking he had a stash somewhere) had him reveal a stash of 35mm gold! Lomographic buzzwords were flying round the room and names like EXAKTA, YASHICA ELECTRO 35 GSN, OLYMPUS OM10, OLYMPUS PEN EE-2 soon were blurted out for me to google later. ‘Google?’ my dad asked, ‘Why don’t you just try them out, they’re in a bag in the wardrobe…I think there’s some film in there too, although its probably expired now’

So…in the space of a week, I’ve gone from a 35mm hater and casual digi SLR user (canon eos 400d) to a Lomo nut who searches 2nd hand stores and internet auction sites for old and unloved 35mm beauties!!

The pics are the results of my first ever attempt at loading 35mm film into a camera (I tried out the Pen EE-2 first) – let alone shoot photos with one. The expired film I found was Kodak Gold 200 24exp, and seems to fit the camera to a tee. The lens loves green and blues especially, and i found myself experimenting with double exposures (sometimes turned out as triples as you can see…) I really love this camera and have been enjoying sweet reviews from family and friends (of whom more than a few are ‘closet Lomos’ themselves – why not tell me about it earlier!!!)

Next on my trial list is the Yashica Electro 35 GSN I think – although I’ll have to use new film for that one, I’ve used up all the sweet expired stuff already!

So, all in all – if you happen to find one of these lovely half frame nuggets, mortgage the house, pawn your guitar, swap your car or give a limb to get your hands on one, you will not be disappointed!! The simple controls and small size make it the perfect bag camera for point and shoot pics whenever you feel the need. The lens is awesome, and gives a Lomo-esque quality to your pics that will leave a smile on your dial.


written by mkd on 2010-07-08 #gear #yashica #review #half-frame #holga #diana #fisheye-2 #exakta #olympus-pen-ee-2 #om10


  1. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    The EES-2 is a great camera. Best of the EE series, I think. There are a couple that were newer, but the EES-2 had the right combination of features. The legendary Olympus Trip 35 is actually just a 35mm version of the EES-2. I've had my eyes on one of these for a while.

  2. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    Of course, pen EES-2. The camera is so an atraction. And always yeilds promising fotos. I got three of them. And still want more.Gagagaa.... Wonderful gallery, love your photos, mkd

  3. mkd
    mkd ·

    thanks. its an EE-2 though, not an EES-2. slightly different.

  4. basterda
    basterda ·

    Love the half-frame shots! :)

  5. dogma
    dogma ·

    Very nice camera indeed!!!

  6. lloyd_ay
    lloyd_ay ·

    Some of those shots are absolute gems.


  7. mkd
    mkd ·

    thanks dude, im stoked - 1st film ive ever shot haha. watch this space...

  8. schemerel
    schemerel ·

    oh! I had this camera when I was a kid, but when I got older we got rid of it because it wasn't 'good'. Now I regret this immensely. I actually forgot all about it untill I got my Diana mini last week, and now I read this post. boohoo. Beatiful pics !

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