China's Abandoned Recreational Scenery by Stefano Cerio

2017-05-19 1

Italian photographer Stefano Cerio often focuses on themes such as representation, exploration of the boundary line between vision, recounting the real and the spectator's horizon of expectation, and the possible reality that might not be true but at least still plausible.

Cerio began his career in photography at the age of 18, being a regular contributor at the L'Espresso, an Italian weekly, which would cultivate his interest in documentary photography.

In "Chinese Fun", Cerio discovers abandoned and empty recreational paradises of ski areas, cruises, water and amusement parks, and such. All found in the areas of Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao and Hong Kong, these compositions were made with a plate camera as he forms the illusory worlds of these places during the off-season.

by Stefano Cerio
by Stefano Cerio

Images are from the press kit. Buy the book here.

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