A Retrospective of 19th Century Photography

Photographs from the 19th century seem to be priceless. At such an early period, users of the camera obscura have already been mastering and making up their own techniques here and there, ensuring photography's legacy for the future.

It once was used as a tool for scientific illustration, forensics, advertising, and art, which caused debate among traditional artists as photography was already replacing painting to recreate reality. Eventually, amateur photography comes in making photography as a source of entertainment.

Anne Atkins, Algen, 1843-1853; Antonio Cavilla, Portrait of a North-African, 1880; Eduard Isaac Asser, Portrait of Charlotte Asser, daughter of the photographer, 1842

Leading photographers like William Henry Fox Talbot, Julia Margaret Cameron, Roger Fenton, Gustave Le Gray continue to shine in the limelight for their contributions which are still being revisited today. Anna Atkins, one of the first female photographers, is renowned for her early use of photography in scientific illustration.

Watch out for the upcoming historical display New Realities. Photography in the Nineteenth Century at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, June 17.

George Hendrik Breitner, Marie Jordan naakt op de rug gezien, 1890; Robert Macpherson, View on Rome from Monte Pincio, 1860-1863; Willem Frederik Piek, On board, 1892

The show will run through September 17.

Images are from the press kit.

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