First Impressions with the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System: Gary Chew

Singapore-based photographer Gary Chew ensures that every shoot is fun. Always with a vision that highlights the fantasy even in the simplest of concepts, Gary tests the Neptune Convertible Art Lens thru one impromptu shoot and two different conceptual shoots.

© Gary Chew

Name: Gary Chew
Instagram: @garychew84
Facebook: /garychewphotography
Country: Singapore
Camera: Nikon D800
Lens: Neptune Convertible Art Lens

Please tell us more about your journey as a photographer. How do you develop your skills?

Since I started as a legitimate fashion photographer last year, working with a magazine team is definitely an eye open experience. To make sure I'm at my best, I have been trying a lot of new different mediums to incorporate with my photography such as oil painting on my photograph and classic black and white photo tinting with transparent watercolor.

Everyone has their own style and uniqueness, I'm trying very hard to explore different mediums so that I can be innovative. I don't really want to be known as a photographer, I'd rather be referred to as an artist since I tend to infuse photography with other mediums rather than just doing pure photography.

What/Who are the major influences in your work?

Tim Walker and Paolo Roversi.

Tim Walker's ability to bring fantasy into life through his photos have always amazed me. His creations weren't Photoshopped at all. This lead me to explore analog since film produces magical colors as opposed to digital photos which I will have to manipulate after.

I am super in love with Paolo Roversi's instant photography works. The portrait shots he captured are all simple yet stunning. Thanks to him, I discovered my love for instant photography.

© Gary Chew

What is your philosophy as a photographer?

Never give up. I know it sounds cliché but this is the belief that enables me to survive today. There are tons of amazing photographer everywhere. Finding the style that suits you is always the hardest part. Don't stop experimenting, trial and error, and one day success will come to you.

Please tell us more about the concept of your shoot with the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System.

I like shooting portraiture, 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm focal lengths are the best combination for shooting portraits. When I first received the lens (arrived in a shock because I never thought it will arrive at a period when I'm swamped with work), I immediately took my friend to some greenery to try the lens. I had no idea how it works and what kind of images will come out so we started with some portraiture shots using the 35mm focal length.

I really love the design of the lens, it looks very artistic and classy. I somewhat feel like a fashionista when carrying these attention-grabbing lenses around. After the initial test, I planned two conceptual shoots in the immediate weekend - Into the Rabbit Hole and the Red Riding Hood. The models for both shoots are my good friends.

For "Into the Rabbit Hole" we decided to make it like a conceptual couple shoot - two rabbits running in the woods with the feel of love. That's the idea of the couple because they are bored with "usual" couple shoots.

For "Red Riding Hood", my model purchased the costume from last Halloween, and since that day, we relentlessly tease her as a riding hood. Haha! So when she said that she wants to model for me, that's the theme that first came to my mind.

How does the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System fit into your style?

Since there are 3 different lenses, I can just switch easily in order to get the right composition and feel of the photos in a faster manner.

© Gary Chew

Which shot is your favorite?

The image set from "Into the Rabbit Hole." The photos are just cute!

Any advice on how to fully utilize the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System?

Since the lens uses manual calibration, I suggest shooting with a tripod.

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Neptune Convertible Art Lens System

With the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System, you’ll be ready for anything. With three interchangeable front lenses with fixed focal lengths of 35mm, 50mm or 80mm, be prepared for any shooting situation with just one lens system.

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