User-Review: A Comparison Between Old and New LomoChrome Purple Film


Let's do a side by side shot comparing the new and old LomoChrome Purple film. But first, let's play a game to see if you can tell which is which.

These images are shot by the LC-A+ and a Nikon EM 28mm 3.5 ais. I chose these cameras to shoot the films for the film comparison because both cameras are automatic, and the lenses are almost in the same perspective.

Does the apple fall far from the tree?

Alright did you know which is which? The images on the left shots from the new LomoChrome Purple and the ones on the right side are taken with the old LomoChrome Purple. So how are they different? I’m sure you have already seen some very clear differences between the two. First of all, from the top 3 sets of photos, we can already tell the old LomoChrome Purple has a deeper purple color mixed with a layer of magenta. However, there's also a deep cyan tint to it. As a newcomer to the LomoChrome series, this is not as shocking and as the old LomoChrome Purple. This might be something to take note of, for those who have been shooting with this film for a long time. The new changes might mean they have to have a new learning curve with this series.

Using the LomoChrome Purple Film

Sometimes the new Purple gives out a magenta tone more than purple. It could be because I didn't shoot this film in the correct lighting or I didn't shoot enough green color to see the purple color outcome. These lights I shot was white in color, and the old film resulted in more purple tones than the new one; but at the same time, it is very hard to tell the background color than the new one.

Power up in color shift ability?

The new LomoChrome Purple film color shift is just as responsive on changing color like the old one or even maybe more responsive. It is very easy to just look at the dragon head and identify that the old one has an orange color, yet the new one shifted to the color red. And the green is more vibrant and deeper. There are significantly more details and a deeper purple color range.

Impression time

First of all, I think it's good to have something new. Do I consider this as an upgrade or update for the film? Neither, I like both films. To be honest, I might not always find the old formula useful for my own personal taste though I see how it could be suitable for others.

The reformulated LomoChrome Purple film sort of gives me the impression that it is a hybrid between the Purple and Redscale - in the context that most of my photos turned out magenta with a purple color shift.

Review and photos by arthur | Instagram: @arthursoptic

2017-05-30 #gear #lomochrome-purple-film


  1. mtsteve
    mtsteve ·

    Well done @arthur

  2. arthursoptic
    arthursoptic ·

    @mtsteve thanks i hope its helpful :)

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  4. f2imagery
    f2imagery · a different review, I preferred the look of the old - yet in this one, I prefer the new!

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    ihave2pillows ·

    Love those crab shots!

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