Defining Mainland China and Its Social Landscape

Photographer Coco Capitàn and her debut book "Middle Point Between My HOUSE and China" is a wonderful and unique travel photo diary of where she explores the city through strange yet intimate experiences. Her photography is accompanied by her personal writings which give off a journalistic approach.

Her narrative captures China's realities, among them the preconceived notions which she had held since childhood. It's China through the eyes and experiences of Capitàn. Her audience gets to fit in her shoes.

Images by Coco Capitàn

Her images are displayed in story form -- beginning with a time warp -- her childhood in Seville, in a back garden, where she describes China as the most remote place in the world for her. China symbolizes her desire to flee and pursue her future and goals; her house represents her present reality.

The "middle point" refers to the new space that appears when you look at something differently from your daily life.

Images by Coco Capitàn

Images are sourced from Dazed Digital.

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