Thomas Annan: Glasgow's Leading Photographer

Thomas Annan was a preeminent photographer in Glasgow during the 19th century. For more than 25 years Annan recorded people, landscapes, environments of the city as it underwent rapid growth and change.

Thomas Annan (Scottish,1829 - 1887), High Street, from College Open , 1868 - 1871, Photographs of Glasgow College, about 1866, Close, No. 37 High Street , 1868 - 1871, Close, No. 46 Saltmarket , 1868 - 1871; Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal

He easily identified himself as a documentarian as he took pictures of the construction of the aqueduct which was located at the glen named Trossachs. Many of his images are of engineering-related sceneries. He also photographed tenements and passageways, demolition, and modification projects from the Glasgow City Improvements Act of 1867.

Not only was he a photographer though. Annan also established his own photographic firm, where he provided printing services for photographers. He promoted all sorts of photographic processes -- carbon printing and photogravure.

Thomas Annan: Photographer of Glasgow at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California on May 23.

Thomas Annan (Scottish,1829 - 1887), Piping across the Balfron Road, 1859, Loch Ard, Looking West, 1859, Loch Chon, 1859, Ballewan Bridge, 1859, Image © CSG CIC Glasgow Museums and Libraries Collection: The Mitchell Library, Special Collections

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