Monday Moodboard: A Mother's Love


We take women for granted so much -- but no one is as underestimated as mothers. You all probably have heard of this cliche (but a truth), but moms are like superhumans. They rear you inside their bodies, undergo the pain of pregnancy, rear you again during infancy, get you to school, aid you with your college tuition, feed you 'til you're ready to become an adult (face it, millennials!)... and more from the mothers' endless laundry list of tasks.

As to all mothers -- old, young, single, married, working or non-working -- cheers to you for being awesome and thanks for everything! Here's a Monday Moodboard of portraits of awesome moms.

Credits: life_on_mars, filby, wil6ka, nia_ffm, aka_papu, petofilip, istionojr, meryl, badjuju, mudride & poepel

written by lomographymagazine on 2017-05-15 #mother-s-day #mothers #monday-moodboard

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