Hitchcockian Lomographs with the Earl Grey B&W

What does it mean to be Hitchcockian? A climactic plot twist. A platinum blonde woman. Mistrustful people. Fears and phobias. Darkness for doom. Iconic landmarks. Suspenseful visuals. And a whole lot more.

Be wary of this qualities and pair them with Lomography Earl Grey B&W. At 100 ISO, it's certain to achieve the low-light, dark mood as popularized by Alfred Hitchcock.

Here are some sample images for your reference.

Impending suspense

Credits: wildholzkamera, frau_edixa, vicuna & kekskonstrukt

Darkness is the best friend

Credits: erisin, cavva, chappelow, xsara & stolosapo

Mysterious figures

Credits: aka_papu, frau_edixa, math0165 & foodbymark

Visual landmarks

Credits: robertofiuza, vicuna, ladislav, 16293 & rancliffhasenza

Fearful flights and heights

Credits: amkatya, eels, gueaut & xsara

2017-05-13 #tutorials #black-and-white #alfred-hitchcock #lomography-earl-grey-100

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