The Happy Camper Goes Analogue

There's just no other perfect time to go and take out the great outdoors than in springtime. The best memories come from exploring, discovering the world and spending quality time with friends and loved ones, a unified conquest of the world.

Here, our adventurers from Lomography documented their time as campers in the nostalgic quality of analogue and film.

Only in camp

Credits: bigbird, lewisdelsaux, traaaart, gnarlyleech & josephdaniel

To build a home

Credits: gemmatus, dbc2, satomi, deafacid & merylsheep

The portrait of an adventurer

Credits: ivaylo, alexander_krolikowski, russheath, bububu & af-capture

At the top of the world

Credits: ktkktt, auratus, xjimmyleungx & dennishphoto

Scenes from the campfire

Credits: jeahh, stratski & jahor

2017-05-14 #places #adventure #camping #lifestyle-photography

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