Drawn Dreamy: Ina Jang's Photographic Hybrids


South Korean photographer Ina Jang treats her photography with stylish eccentricity. Her unconventional photographs and workflow raise questions and curiosity. Enter and welcome to Jang's dreamy abstract world.

Utopia, No Name, 2017 © Ina Jang

There are many ways to describe them, but there's never a concluding thought; not much of it makes sense in general, but there's a certain attraction to her abstract images. Poetic and ambiguous, her palette is chosen in such a way to keep things light and playful.

Ina's oeuvre is an eclectic one -- a mix of drawing, graphic design, sculpture and photography. She will put anything, or do anything to an image -- whatever her mind lets her. Draw on them, cut them, collage them -- her wrecking is an art.

2PM, 2014; Lucid Dream, A Ball, 2013; In a World Without Words, A Circle, 2011; In a World Without Words, a Leaf 2010 © Ina Jang

Ina, like her body of work, draws inspiration from unusual: movie reviews. She loves how different thoughts and opinions can be drawn from a single film. This encourages her to keep her images open to interpretation. There is no rest for the passionate -- after accomplishing a project, she will head on to her next pursuit.

Tamago, 2014; A Blue Ribbon, 2014; Noon, 2014; All Roses are Red, All Birds are Blue, a Stranger, 2014 © Ina Jang

Watch out for our exclusive interview with Ina. In the meantime, visit her website and Instagram for more of her works.

written by Ciel Hernandez on 2017-05-14 #people #art-photography #abstract-photography #ina-jang


  1. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    luv the experimental + stylistic treatment!

  2. phillipcejudo
    phillipcejudo ·

    I enjoy the use of that lighting jell. good work.

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