Documenting the Streets of Dublin with Seamus Travers and the Russar+ Lens

Seamus Travers is a photographer based Dublin who predominately shoots using film on his Leica m6 camera. We were struck by the raw power of his photography style and his ability to capture the culture of Ireland. He tested out the Russar+ lens and talked to us about his work.

Street Shots by Seamus Travers

Name: Seamus Travers
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Profession: Photographer, commercial studio, and freelance.
Website/Social Media links: Instagram @treamo
Other interests aside from photography: I think my biggest interests besides photography is history and travel. I usually try to combine them all together.

St Patrick's Day by Seamus Travers

Tell us a bit about your photography background?

I started out working in one-hour film labs (remember them). From there I started working my way into taking photos.

Good Friday by Seamus Travers

What would you call your photography style?

Documentary and Street, mainly with analogue or vintage cameras.

Street Shots by Seamus Travers

What was your first impression of the Russar+ lens?

The Russar+ is an excellent lens, I've had a lot of fun using it. It's nice and compact, very easy to use especially for street photography, with its huge depth of field it operates like a point and shoot. Despite its small build, it's really solid and sturdy. The images from the lens are excellent, sharp with very little distortion the least of any wide angle lens I've ever used.

Could you share your best photo and the story behind that shot?

This photo was taken a horse fair in Dublin. (see below, right) I noticed a man shoeing a horse and a small crowd had gathered to watch him (even a horse). Just at the right moment, the steam from the hot shoe flew up to obscure him due to the cold weather.

What’s coming up in 2017?

I have several long term projects I'm trying to complete. One is documenting micronations and unrecognized states. The other is documenting World War one centenary commemorations only using cameras that are one hundred years old.

St Patrick's Day by Seamus Travers

For more information visit or follow him on Instagram at treamo.

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