The Lomographer's Weekend Checklist: For the Alternative Printer


Rekindle the inner experimental artist in you by undertaking the wonderful world of alternative photography for your downtime. Here's some amusing tipsters that might interest you.

Make salt prints archival

The salt print was the most popular medium of producing positive prints from 1839 to 1860, and was invented by Henry Fox Talbot The salt print works by wetting a sheet of writing paper with a weak solution of sodium chloride (salt0, blotting and drying it, then brushing one side with a strong solution of silver nitrate. Salt prints, like other alternative processes, are prone to wear and tear. To preserve the quality of prints, some would suggest waxing them. It additionally buffs and enhances the print as well.

For experienced salt printers, here's a tipster on waxing the prints. For people new to the salt print technique, read this introductory tutorial here.

Set it in stone

Tom Bates took the challenge to do stone transfers. When he discovered liquid emulsion (a photographic emulsion which you can melt down and paint on any surface), the challenge became successful: he did get to print his images on stone tablets. Read his exclusive tutorial in Lomography Magazine.

Camera-less printing

Want to create images without a camera? Enter the art of the photogram. The photogram is an image which is made no by a camera, but with direct exposure to the magnifier's light. Man Ray and Moholy Nagy were among those who used this technique. Here are some tutorials on making photograms by yourself: Photograms: The Photographic Technique Without a Camera, How to Make Photograms, Fun with Photograms

Transfer Lomographs through emulsion transfers

Emulsion transfer is a technique of transferring any printed photograph on any surface. Usually, this technique will leave the result with dreamy, ghost-like aesthetics, with its worn-out, vintage charm. It's a very unpredictable process in which Lomographers would really love to experiment with. The Creative Diarist's emulsion transfer tipster and @chocochipcookie's own tipster of transfer printing are fitting guides for any beginner or enthusiast.

Have some other plans in mind? What's in store for you this weekend? Share it with us through a comment below!

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