Just for Fun: "Aesthetics", an AI Photo-Rater

The word "awesome" has a very subjective definition. What's considered "awesome photography" may not be the same for another; we all have different aesthetic standards.

So when Everypixel's Aesthetics, an AI that uses neural network algorithm which is designed to both tag and generate the probability of a photograph being awesome, we couldn't help but give it a test-run with one of Lomography's iconic photographs:

The Robot approves.

While this awesomeness rating site isn't really accurate, the tool could be useful for photographers who might want to check how their images fare... for a robot.

Image is a tested screenshot. Care to know what this AI tool thinks of your images? Give it a shot here, just for fun!

2017-05-11 #gear #aesthetics #lomography-photography-tool

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