Chris Killip Documenting the Working Class of the 70's & 80's


Manx photographer Chris Killip and his work "In Flagrante" covers the impact of deindustrialization on working-class communities in northern England during the 70's and 0's. With over 50 images, the series is one of the most important documentary works, as captured in Manx's style of gritty black and white images of people and places.

Alice and Helen, Seacoal Camp, Lynemouth, Northumberland, 1982; “Leso,” “Blackie,” “Bever,” ?, David and “Whippet” (“Leso” and David Were Drowned off Skinningrove on July 29, 1986), Skinningrove, North Yorkshire, 1982 - 1983; Civic Robes, Jarrow, Tyneside, negative 1976; print 1987; © Chris Killip

The book studies the communities involved, as social tensions and economic upheaval intensify around this time. In the twilight years of Margaret Thatcher's tenure, the transformation of the country was almost complete. She had deregulated the financial system, broken the unions, legalized the sale of council houses, and has also divided the country economically -- north from south.

The poorest families were pushed to the margins as sudden unemployment befalls them. The closure of the pits, shipyards and such have pulled them down.

The series was first published in 1988 and went out of print. soon, the show Now Then: Chris Killip and the Making of In Flagrante will be revisiting Killip's body of work at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California, May 23.

True Love Wall, Gateshead Town Center, Tyneside, negative 1975; print 1988; Now Then: Chris Killip and the Making of In Flagrante; "Rocker" and John Holding Very Still under a Full Moon, Seacoal Camp, Lynemouth, Northumberland, 1982 - 1984 © Chris Killip

The show will run through August 13.

Images are from the presskit.

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  1. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    His book "In Flagrante", now republished, is a masterpiece like "The Americans" by Robert Frank, "Los Alamos" by Eggleston and "Valparaiso" by Sergio Larrain. A very important book!

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