'Archisculpture": Installations Made Out of Photographic Prints


Beomsik Won is no photographer, but he takes pictures; not an architect but he likes to design buildings; not a sculptor, but sculpts nonetheless. He's an artist, if there's any label he'll subscribe to.

Archisculpture © Beomsik Won

Won's "Archisculpture Photo Project" is a unique work of photo collage. Through te use of black and white photographs of existing buildings, he created his own reality of architectural structures. They are formed in such a way they almost look like real buildings or even real photographs -- whichever one sees fit. The three-dimensional aspect of his work plays a trick ion preconception.

The deconstruction of the existing urban landscape was made anew; the arrangements and unexpected forms and stories give a bold construction of what people would wish cityscapes would appear like.

Here are some photographs of Won's three-dimensional work.

Archisculpture © Beomsik Won
Archisculpture © Beomsik Won

Images are from the press kit. Buy the book here.

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