First Impressions with the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System: Helga Traxler

NYC fashion photographer Helga Traxler recently had the chance to test the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System agreed with the rest -- its compact size and portability make it the perfect choice for every kind of photographer. Read on for her first impressions of the system.

Name: Helga Traxler
Location: New York City
Profession: Photographer
Website/ Social Media Links: | @photosalonhelga
Other interests aside from photography: Traveling, Friends, Art Books and Gallery Openings

Photos using the Proteus 4.0/80mm Art Lens

Hello! Tell us a bit about your photography background.

I started taking pictures at a very young age since my Dad exposed me to photography right from the beginning. After I finished high school in Upper Austria, I spent a year in Barcelona where I decided that I’d really love to get more into photography and even make it my profession. That´s why I started studying Graphic Design and Photography at the University of Art and Design in Linz/Austria and finished my Masters in Visual Communication there too, before moving to New York in 2012.

Photo using the Proteus 4.0/80mm Art Lens

What would you call your photography style?

To describe my style, I always refer to what is most recognizable about my images, based on feedback I get from clients and friends: zoomed in, minimalistic, slightly overexposed pastel appearance with a focus on details and color schemes.

Photo using the Proteus 4.0/80mm Art Lens

What was your first impression upon seeing and holding the Convertible Art Lenses?

It’s super light and comfortable to carry around. The 3 in 1 lens system is a very affordable and convenient option to bring to portrait shoots, editorials, and for snapshots on the go.

Photo using the Proteus 4.0/80mm Art Lens

How does the Convertible Art Lens System fit into your style?

I love to superimpose my portraits and photographs in post-production and the Convertible Art Lens System (especially the variety of filter templates) give me the option to combine digital photography with analogue aesthetics right away - which I really like.

Photo using the Proteus 4.0/80mm Art Lens

Could you share your best photo and the story behind that shot?

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago during a photoshoot portraying some shades from the latest collection of the Austrian eyewear brand Andy Wolf. I was introduced to Claire, the model, who lives in London and is planning to move to NYC, by a mutual friend of ours. Initially, we wanted to meet to discuss a couple of questions about living in the city and we got along really well right away. I loved her style and decided to ask her if she would be up for a rooftop photo-session with me – and it worked out! :)

Photo using the Proteus 4.0/80mm Art Lens

Any pointers that one should keep in mind when using the Convertible Art Lenses?

I mostly shoot digital and use autofocus. When using the Convertible Art Lenses, being used to manual focus in your workflow is definitely an advantage.

Photo using the Proteus 4.0/80mm Art Lens

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