First Impressions with the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System: Acey Slade

Musician, photographer and urban/world explorer Acey Slade tested the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System and shared his first impressions with us here. Acey, known as a touring bassist for rock legends such as Joan Jett, loves the compact size and portability of the system and praises it highly.

Name: Acey Slade
Location: Brooklyn NY
Profession: Musician
Website/Social Media links:
Other interests aside from photography: Coffee...and coffee.

Photo using the Proteus 4.0/80mm Art Lens

Hello! Tell us a bit about your photography background.

Growing up there were always cameras around. My grandparents used to go on vacations and shoot on slide film. Seeing those slides was a big influence. I'd say about 5 years ago I started using the Hipstamatic app on my phone when traveling, then I moved up to a DSLR and taking classes at International Center of Photography. After I learned the exposure triangle, I moved back to some film cameras. Being on tour with a band is very much a 'Hurry up and wait' type existence, you end up with a lot of downtime in some very interesting places...and sometimes some NOT so interesting places. I like that challenge. Anyone can be in NYC and find some cool things to shoot..but what about Wendover NV? That's where you have to get creative.

Photo using the Thalassa 3.5/35mm Art Lens

What would you call your photography style?

Street, Street Portrait, Documentary, Urban Exploring.

Photo using the Proteus 4.0/80mm Art Lens

What was your first impression upon seeing and holding the Neptune Convertible Art Lenses?

Gratitude! I need to travel light and the system is so compact and efficient.

Photo using the Proteus 4.0/80mm Art Lens

How does the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System fit into your style?

Easy to travel with and easy to use. Very durable and it looks cool!

Photo using the Proteus 4.0/80mm Art Lens

Could you share your best photo (taken using the lens system) and the story behind that shot?

I wish I could have had more time with the lens to take more photos that are 'my style', but I also knew that I wanted to deliver shots to Lomo that would show the versatility of the system. I had an instructor at ICP tell me that my photos can make people 'uncomfortable'. I like that. But, Lomo is trying to get people to LOOK at the picture, not look away ... so I went to Prospect Park and did some safer stuff. I like this shot because I feel like you can see the texture of the underside of the bridge, but the musician is still just a shadow.

Photo using the Thalassa 3.5/35mm Art Lens

Any pointers that one should keep in mind when using the Convertible Art Lenses?

You have to get a little used to the way the exposure looks though the camera when opening up or closing down the aperture. I know for me it was pretty easy, but I could see how it could be confusing for others. It's worth the experimenting though! You'll end up with some nice shots!

written by katphip on 2017-05-28

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