Trending Newcomers of April 2017


Every month, thousands of film photography enthusiasts from all over the world join the Lomography community. We welcome yet another batch of talented newcomers who stood out from the rest because of their exceptional photos.

Credits: wrona, ansebundren, asfodelegiallo, macamisleh, yuechain, paprati, yabankusu, cycas2000, shaman, rollei35s, sakuramiyao, eudolashao, unblind, kumanon & pest174

From everyone here in Lomography, congratulations to the trending newcomers of April 2017!

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  1. pan_dre
  2. rollei35s
    rollei35s ·

    @pan_dre Thanks a lot i love this community so much

  3. unblind
    unblind ·

    @pan_dre Danke für diese freundliche Aufmerksamkeit! Mir gefällt es hier sehr gut, denn alle Mitmacher lassen sich nicht durch den Strom mitnehmen der Einheitsbilder, der aktuell die Welt überflutet .
    Thank you for this kind attention! I like it here very much, because all the co-workers can not be taken away by the stream of the uniforms, which is currently flooding the world. (Googletrans)

  4. paprati
    paprati ·

    Thank you very much : )

  5. sakuramiyao
    sakuramiyao ·

    thanks <3

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