First Impressions with the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System: Lucky Ying Jung Lu

Lucky Ying Jung Lu is a Taiwan-based photographer & graphic designer. She completed a Master of Fine Arts Degree (MFA) at Academy of Art University in 2015. Upon returning to Taiwan she began a career as an instructor at Onfoto Studio, specializing in Historical Process & B & W Darkroom.

Focal Length - Left: 50mm; Right: 80mm

Hello! What does photography mean to you?

To me, photography is magic. Maybe some will think this is old-fashioned; however, it's a long way for photography to be recognized as a fine art. When we look back at the history of photography, it is recognized as an actual art form in the 20th Century. People started to realize photography just like a painting. There is a lot to say from a picture. Photography is about catching a specific time and light.

Focal Length - Left Top, Left Bottom, Right Top: 50mm; Right Bottom: 80mm

What would you call your photography style?

I'd say it's kind of "Scene from a memory". I love to make use of those feelings to present my inner thoughts. Using imagery to tell a story is much easier compared to using words. And so, I always plan to shoot a series of pictures to represent what I have in my mind. More than that, I like to make use of the elements in reality, such as human body, and the things in nature. I guess my style is soft. Perhaps an interconnected conversation.

Focal Length - Left: 50mm; Right: 80mm

What was your first impression upon seeing and holding the Neptune Convertible Art Lenses?

To be honest, I was shocked when I first saw it! It is very light and it looks different with the other lenses. It is tiny but it can have 3 different focal lengths by changing the front element of the lens! (All of them are light.) The way you put aperture is interesting too! It is very suitable to carry and shoot around as it has a high flexibility, especially for those who always struggle which lenses to bring with.

Can you tell us more about this series of photos you took? Where did you shoot?

This series of photos are mostly taken in Hsinchu, some are taken in Taipei. I tried to use different angles to take what we can easily see in our daily life. A majority of the photos are taken in the car. Also stopped at some interesting places where I don't usually go.

Focal Length - 50mm

Could you share your experience in using the Neptune Convertible Art Lenses?

I find it interesting to use! I can't see the exact number of aperture on the camera screen though, when we turn the aperture, I can feel if it is open or closed still. I really appreciate its design and its convenient feature. While other brands might focus on its sharpness only, this lens system is light and easy to switch, and the images it produces are different from those leading lenses in the market too. I can say there's an old soul in the lenses, but it is much more convenient than vintage lenses!

Any interesting things you encountered or challenges?

When leaving Hsinchu, there are quite some desolate roads. One of the places is full of needle glass and a factory is nearby. I always feel it's evil that the white flower has a needle on it! It is dreamy somehow painful. And so, I got off to take them a picture. Perhaps no one would really stop by there. After I finished the shot, I found the workers in the factory far away were looking at me with doubt. They didn't ask me to go away but were observing. Maybe they thought I was doing something bad? Or wondering why someone would take pictures in this treeless place? Anyway, I was then back into the car and went on my journey.

Focal Length - Left: 80mm; Middle, Right: 50mm

Could you share your best photo (taken using the lens system) and the story behind that shot?

The first picture I took was with the red Hibiscus. It's located at a mesh fence at a construction site near my house. It was a cloudy day and the flower looks particularly red in the area of green. I was planning to shoot from far indeed, but I stepped closer and closer when I was focusing. I didn't think it could go that close! And so, I took this picture - like a glowing Hibiscus.

Focal Length - 80mm

What do you like most about the lenses?

Light and easy to control.

Any pointers that one should keep in mind when using the Neptune Convertible Art Lenses?

These lenses are fascinating. The pictures it took are sharp and matte at the same time. The aperture system of the lenses is easy to control and the image will be shown in the viewfinder as it is. Therefore, I'd recommend trying different apertures. I think it is quite suitable to take with portraits.

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