Shifting Palettes with the Revolog Kolor


You have been warned. This is no ordinary film in which with the right coordinates you'll get the results you expected. Not with the Revolog Kolor, a 35mm film stock that changes the color of your photographs frame by frame. No frame is the same as the other while it drenches your images with a liberal, invisible paint brush.

Gradients from red to blue, orange, green, pink, turquoise, you name it. Underexpose and you'll get hard-edged results; overexpose and you'll get softer tints. Either way, this 200 ISO film is unlike any other.

Here are some analogue color experiments from our very own Lomography community.

Mint, cyan and bubblegum pink

Credits: filipdr, koduckgirl & chloemichele

Time of lime

Credits: wildhorses, aussenkorrespondent, filipdr & rubia81

Indigo and magenta: neon emphasis

Credits: orangebarn13, filipdr, flossie_1981 & nural

Golden hours

Credits: blankieblank, wildhorses & jus_tine

2017-04-29 #color-film #revolog-kolor

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  1. nessythemonster
    nessythemonster ·

    Nice read!! I recently tried to experiment w this film and had no results! I wonder where the error was

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