First Impressions with the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System: Guen Fiore


Guen Fiore is a young Italian photographer who specializes in creative and portrait photography. Her style is fresh and genuine, yet emotional and involving. Through her images, Guen is able to narrate different stories and atmospheres, with honesty and gentle intimacy.

We let her shoot with the Neptune Convertible Art Lens during a sunny day in Rome. Let's get to know her and see her first impressions of the Neptune Convertible Lens System.

Name: Guendalina Fiore
City: Rome
Instagram: @guenfiore
Model: Laura Camplone
Camera: Canon 5D Mark II
Lens : Neptune Convertible Art Lens System

What is your background in photography?

I started taking pictures when I was really young, but I found my way (at least for now) since 5 years ago. I am completely self-taught, I started experimenting with cheap digital cameras until I bought my first DSLR in 2012.

How would you describe your style?

My photography is more narrative than conceptual. I think I can fit in the creative photography field, moving across portraits and fashion photography. The subjects I shoot are transported in a story and I always try to give an emotional and visual impact to the images.

Which other interests do you have besides photography?

I really like cinema, I love watching movies and understanding the roles behind-the-scenes of a production. I am also passionate about music, especially from the past.

Which were your impressions when you first saw and started using the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System?

I immediately noticed the shape, which was quite different from the lenses I usually use. And I mainly appreciated its lightness.

How did this lens system adapt to your photographic style?

Really nicely: I usually work with a 50mm and a 35mm, so it is perfectly in line with what I usually do. What's more, I have always been intrigued by the 80mm, which I have never tried before.

Which focal length have you mostly used?

Initially, I often changed the focal length to try them all and feel the differences. Afterward, I mostly shot with the 80mm and the 50mm. It was a preference imposed by the context. That day, I decided to shoot in a park and the environment by itself was not particularly interesting, so I tried to focus more on "narrow" details. And I used the 80mm a lot because I've never tried it before so I was super curious!

Tell us about these shots.

I created these series with my friend Laura and they are located at the Parco della Caffarella, in the very center of Rome. The location was not particularly captivating, so we decided to play a bit with the look. I mostly used the 80mm while not so much the 35mm, but all three lengths were appropriate for the situation. It was a lucky sunny day, so I never shot with the widest aperture.

Which photo do you like the most?

The picture I prefer is probably the one in the park taken by profile, where Laura's face is covered by her hair and the tattoos on the arm are really visible. I like it because it took us one hour and a half to attach all the tattoos and Laura, after a week, still cannot wash away the pink dye! In this image, the colors are the main protagonists and somehow that makes our efforts worth it.

What advice would you give first-time users?

The lens is extremely versatile and I think this is the real strong point. My advice is to "play" a lot with it. They are three focal lengths that cover any kind of necessity you might have!

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