Austria According to Contemporary Photographers

2017-04-27 3

No other country can easily dance between the lines of natural lands and urban space than of Austria. Tread lightly, for in this landlocked country one may find himself strolling the streets, to the feet of the Alps shortly.

It's no wonder why the country is one of the major producers of culture for the world -- having to stay by the side of inspiring mountains with its flora and fauna makes it easier to make, feel art and beauty. In the series "Facing Austria", contemporary photographers make a collective portrait of the country, one which embodies the uniqueness.

Photographs come from various photographers, namely Seiichi Furuya, Katharina Gruzei, Heidi Harsieber, Kurt Kaindl, Werner Kaligofsky mit einem Insert von Raad al Abbas, Leo Kandl, Paul Kranzler, Paul Albert Leitner, Simon Lehner, Christopher Mavrič, Stefanie Moshammer, Andrew Phelps, Rudolf Sagmeister, Jan Schiefermair, Nora Schoeller, Ekaterina Sevrouk, Katarina Šoškić, Rudolf Strobl, Clara Wildberger, and Manfred Willmann.

Catch the on-going show Facing Austria as it displays various scenes of the country and inhabitants' lifestyle and culture at the Fotohof in Vienna.

The show will run through May 14.

Images are from the press kit.

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