25 Ways to Get the Most of Your Diana F+

Nobody can resist the charms of this iconic analog camera. As we celebrate the 25 years of Lomography's existence, we want to pay tribute to one of the most influential analog cameras of all times. With that being said, Diana F+ deserves the special attention. Sit back and enjoy our 25 ways to get the most of this precious camera.

1. You can take it to Paris and make a stunning shot of the Eiffel Tower.

Credits: susielomovitz

2. Take your camera with you and go for a spin on a carousel. Bring a couple of your friends and make memories together.

Credits: satomi

3. Make wonderful portraits of your beloved ones.

Credits: andrejrusskovskij

4. Bring Diana F+ on your vacation and make that trip even more memorable.

Credits: mczoum

5. Jump until you fly and freeze that moment on the camera.

Credits: satomi

6. Throw a big party for your friends and dance until your feet hurt. You will have photos to prove it!

Credits: warning

7. Find an unusual place in your city and take a photo of yourself.

Credits: phiphu

8. Be free-minded and explore the world with your camera.

Credits: janagitana

9. Go on a road-trip and be sure to take a great group photo.

Credits: -dakota-

10. Like what you are wearing today? Don't be shy and get your outfit of the day on the camera.

Credits: aprilrich427

11. Take awesome long exposure shots of your city.

Credits: satomi

12. Do a black & white selfie with your significant other.

Credits: dida

13. Make your dog the most incredible picture ever.

Credits: bravebird

14. Freeze those special family moments so they could last forever.

Credits: corzh

15. Use the special infrared film and take beautiful outdoor shots.

Credits: susielomovitz

16. Take your Diane F+ on a long walk to the beach and celebrate life.

Credits: oneira1927

17. Get you retro vibe on and capture something vintage.

Credits: robter

18. Step into the full spring mood and make beautiful flower photos.

Credits: mczoum

19. Use light painting while shooting long exposure and take the most incredible photos.

Credits: jandra

20. Capture a smile.

Credits: lilithmoon

21. Take a great summer shot of your friends.

Credits: blackbyrd

22. Head outside and capture talented people performing on the streets.

Credits: corzh

23. Channel your inner Batman and make a stunning double exposure shot.

Credits: warning

24. Look at the world from a different perspective.

Credits: daitita

25. Open up your eyes and get inspired by what you see.

Credits: lawypop

Have you submitted your shots yet? Help us create a global photography exhibition by sending us your top shots of your favorite places and signing up to construct your very own LomoWall. Keep an eye on the official 25 Years of Lomography site and make sure you’re following us on social media, too. From parties to exhibitions to giveaways and more, there are tons of festivities still to come!

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